~ Welcome ~

I’m a Certified Wellness Life Coach, Master Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher & Author. I will help you find clarity and confidence so you can live a more fulfilling meaningful life. I will guide you on a personal journey to create an amazing life by tapping into the power of your mind and heart. You will feel empowered by your own personal potential once you decide to take this journey for yourself.

~ My Life Story ~

At 5 years old I discovered my natural intuitive skills, which I Inherited from three distinct lineages in my historic family. I eagerly discussed these experiences with my beloved grandmother who then taught me how to graciously help others with my extraordinary gift.  She was my best friend and my own personal cheerleader that lead me on this path to creating this business.

I always knew what I wanted to do with my life but I didn’t know how I was going to achieve it. Sometimes life threw me crazy curve balls to throw me off balance but I always landed on my feet.  It’s important not to let those curve balls take you down emotionally or physically. Make a plan of how you’re going to change your current situation for the better.

Over the past 25 years, I decided to mastered my skills by learning how to accurately develop my natural intuition by learning new wellness approaches to healing mental, emotional or physical struggles.  I am a life learner who’s always looking to progressively expand on my knowledge so I can help my clients and students. I immersed myself in mastering my education in the art of healing, personal growth, personal wellness, personal development, self-help, self-improvement and mindfulness techniques. I’m certified in wellness life coaching, master spiritual life coaching, law of attraction, reiki healing,  magnified healing, natural healthcare solutions, and aromatherapy massage so I can serve my private clients in many diverse ways.

Through my own personal emotional and physical health struggles; I have learned how to live a healthy fulfilled life.  I didn’t just learn through an education certificate program or books but through personal life experience.  I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to personal wellness.

~ My Personal Healing Journey ~

I’m no stranger to painful emotional life obstacles. I have suffered a tragic unexpected death of my aunt who was murdered at 17, painful autoimmune kidney disease, was told my grandmother had a rare rapid cell cancer that was terminal, and lost my father to prostate cancer.  I struggled with my complex health issues and kidney disease throughout my young years. I was always sick and at the children’s hospital every week. At 15 years old, I was told I couldn’t have children, I could die or the baby if I did get pregnant, I would be on dialysis for life and would need a kidney transplant by age 25. To adequately deal with the considerable emotional and physical pain of these experiences, I developed my own healing modality that I teach to my students and private clients. I am a firm believer in the power of positive mindset that can change your life and health.  I believe in finding the right natural health care solutions that work for your overall well being.  I presently have three beautiful, healthy children. I have never been on dialysis nor needed that kidney transplant. In fact, medical tests show my autoimmune kidney disease is no longer active after 25 years of being followed by the nephrology clinic.  My autoimmune kidney disease has been in remission for the the past 12 years with a clean bill of health.  I’m living proof that you can heal your life, body and mind. That having a positive mindset combined with choosing the right natural health care solutions can have a powerful effect on your life mentally, emotionally and physically.  I use my unique wellness approach to help my clients, who are experiencing similarly experiences.  I also teach students the same wellness approach to healing and how they can do the same thing in their life for their own personal wellness.

~ What I love ~

  • Spending time with my children and husband; only when they’re not driving me crazy.
  • I might have a slight obsession for a good cup of coffee and book.
  • We won’t talk about my coffee shelf overflowing with my collection of flavours.
  • If you take me grocery shopping and can’t find me.  Just head to the coffee isle.
  • I love nature, sitting by the lake on the pontoon boat and having a power nap.
  • Well, until the kids find me…
  • Yes,  love my miracle babies but seriously a mom sometimes needs her quiet space.
  • Being ok that life will have rocky bumps in the road and accepting imperfection as a positive.
  • Finding a good balance between self-care, priorities and personal boundaries.
  • Always trying something new, embrace my fears and never give up.
  • Finally. following my grandmother’s last words….
  • Live life with no regrets and look at life as being full of opportunities.

My experience, education and certifications include:

  • Published Author
  • Certified Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Certified Wellness Life Coach – accredited internationally
  • Certified Master Spiritual Life Coach – focusing on mastering the effects of positive mindset, Law of Attraction & Universal Energies – accredited internationally
  • Certified Magnified Healing Practitioner,  Aromatherapy Massage & ATP.