Are you ready to confront your fears?

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Wow, finally what a beautiful sunny day that’s suppose to continue through the weekend.  I will definitely be spending plenty of time outside this weekend with the family enjoying the rays.  Take time out of your busy day to enjoy what it’s that brings a smile to your face.

Do you suffer from unexplained anxiety, stress or fears? 

I’m really excited to announce that on May 7th I will be having a special guest speaker at my monthly women’s Empower Your Spirit Group.  My friend Nathalie is a Certified Hypnotist(CN), NLP and EFT practitioner who  will be discussing how your fears, anxiety or recurring dreams are not only related to something in your past current life but also in your past previous life. She will be shedding some light on past life regressions, how these past experiences affect us now and what we can do to overcome them.

I’m really looking forward to this group discussion with Nathalie and I will be once again guiding the group on a meditation healing journey. There was a lot of positive feedback about the last class which I can only describe as being spiritually powerful.  The growth that I’m seeing in this group of women is truly inspiring and amazes me each month.

Today’s Reflection…….. 

I’m thankful for today and choose to see the best in each day I live.

When you choose to live in the present it will allow you to heal and accept your past.  Choose to make a change and take control, If you experienced a challenging event in your past that has you feeling sad, angry or fearful. Make a conscious choice to find peace within you so you can start the healing process.

There is always a reason for everything we experience.  Your past does not define the person you are, only you can decide who you want to become.

Today, I want you to reflect on all the ways that you are living presently. Are you able to overcome your difficult experiences or are you allowing them to be a stumbling block?

When you heal the wounds of your emotional pain such as anxiety, anger, sadness or fear from your past; you release the chains that are holding you back and transform your life into one that brings you to a state of peace and happiness.

You will discover a strength you didn’t know hidden inside you when your mind is at peace with who you are.

Today’s Mindful Affirmation –  I identify myself not by where I come from, but by where I am choosing to go.  Each step I take brings me closer to another wonderful beginning.


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