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The baby set off,

Crawling on all fours,

Exploring her new world,

Her beautiful eyes,

Wide open.


Exploring on all four limbs got boring,

Holding onto momma and dadda’s hands,

She stood on her two feet.

One step,

Then two steps,

Then three steps,

She noticed the stride of her legs,

And then watched in awe,

As her foot landed in front of her,

And then the other,

Looking up and around,

Her world,

Appeared completely different from this point of view.


As the girl grew into a young woman,

She set off, running.

At first, she focused on her ...

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Expect the Unexpected Today

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Wouldn’t life be more interesting and exciting if you knew you would receive an amazing unexpected gift each day.  This week I’m exploring the power of universal energies and the effect of setting an intention while having a positive mindset to see what I can create in my own life. Without getting too complicated for those who are new to this concept. Our thought patterns and the emotions we feel help create the experiences of tomorrow.

Universal energies is also called law ...

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Are you ready to confront your fears?

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Wow, finally what a beautiful sunny day that’s suppose to continue through the weekend.  I will definitely be spending plenty of time outside this weekend with the family enjoying the rays.  Take time out of your busy day to enjoy what it’s that brings a smile to your face.

Do you suffer from unexplained anxiety, stress or fears? 

I’m really excited to announce that on May 7th I will be having a special guest speaker at my monthly women’s Continue Reading →

It was raining but he rescued them anyways

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Yesterday was a very cold damp rainy day. My son was on the driveway picking up each worm one by one and placing them on the grass. I asked him what he was doing and as he continued his work with a determined look on his face.  He simply said, that he didn’t want the worms to die, so he wanted to bring them all back to the grass where they would be safe.

I’m always in awe with ...

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What are you giving away today?

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Last week, I was talking on facebook about giving away our personal power to someone else.  I’m going to share a little story about my daughter but I have a feeling you might be able relate to this at some point in your life.

Here is my story…..

“When you allow a person’s words to upset you, you’re giving away your power. Phillip C Mcgraw”

My daughter decided to be unique and dressed up for Easter. She left for school with a smile on her face. Another ...

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Do you feel inspired today?

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Today, I want you to think about what inspires you in your life and what gets you motivated when you jump out of bed every morning. If your answer is, I don’t know or I don’t have the energy to jump out of bed then start now and create the life you want.

You have a creative mind, that’s filled with beautiful ideas. You just need to look within yourself and allow that creativity to fuel your life. One of the most effective way to tap into your ...

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Pause and take a deep breath

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I have so many reasons to be grateful that I rarely focus my energy on the things I don’t have. Instead, I choose to look for things that add value and meaning to my life. If I feel stressed over something I need to do or didn’t do. I make a conscious choice to release myself from those thoughts that are beyond my control. It’s easy to get swept away in situations that can consume all of my time and energy. I take that moment to pause, take ...

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Use this surprising (and inexpensive!) tool for potent energy healing

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I always joke around with those who either have worked with me or know me that I am a skeptic intuitive. I need to see tangible proof that something actually works before I’ll believe in it. It sounds really funny because most intuitives deal with skeptics—but how many intuitives admit they are one themselves?

A few years ago, I was guided into what some people call a new age store filled with angel cards, incense and healing crystals. At the time, ...

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Is your energy feeling sluggish today?

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A discussion about stuck emotional energy and how to release it wouldn’t be complete without also covering your chakra system. So if you energy is feeling sluggish today you will want to continue reading this article.

What are chakras and why are they important?

We each have 7 energetic centres called chakras that are located in specific spots down the midline of your body. Your energy flows through each of these chakras from your pelvic area to the top of your head. If you could see them with ...

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What is your story telling you?

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Last week we discussed, stuck emotional energy can negatively affect you, your health, and your life in many ways. This week we are going to discover ways to release stuck emotional energy.
Releasing stuck emotional energy begins by first making a conscious decision to heal it. This is the first step toward change.
The next step is starting to change the story you tell yourself ...

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