Got family drama?

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Got family drama? Resolve your differences using these 4 simple tips

Each experience you find yourself in has a life lesson to teach you. Life always gives you opportunities to learn from the past and decide to move forward. This weekend, I found myself in a surprising, yet welcomed experience where I was able to do just that.

Two sets of family members approached me because they wanted to make amends for something in our past that hurt me deeply. To be ...

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What have you done for you lately?

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As women we tend to juggle many roles and balls in the air to ensure that the other people in our lives are happy and taken care of.

We get so wrapped up in thinking about our to-do lists, deciding what’s for dinner, and strategizing how we can advance our careers.

With our full plates and busy minds, we often forget to make choices that are just for our own happiness or self-care.

Have you fallen into the trap of unintentional ...

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How to Experience More Joy in 2 Simple Steps

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From the outside, you might think another person has everything, that their life is pretty awesome.

But despite outward appearances, much pain can go on behind closed doors. I’d like to take this moment to emphasize that if you are also struggling to find some joy in your life, please reach out to someone who can help you.

How to experience more joy in 2 simple steps

Joy comes from appreciating all of your life. It comes when you can appreciate even the tiniest of blessings ...

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I Challenge Myself to Do More

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Here is this months self-reflection:

Each morning when I wake up, I ask myself, “What can I do today to accomplish more, to strengthen my abilities to achieve my goals, and to increase my knowledge?”

Challenging myself to accomplish more in my life brings me great joy. I find that it makes life more exciting when I step out of my comfort zone and try something new. This can open up new opportunities that I never could have ...

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