Decide to do something better than the day before.

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Each day, I get better and better. I work at developing my skills and talents and feel fulfilled. Even if I make mistakes, I know I am improving my life and work all the time.

I learn from things I do wrong. I take my mistakes in stride because I know they aren’t a reflection of who I am or what I’m capable of. They show me that I am human. Being perfect is not a requirement; I only need to keep moving forward.

When I do something better today, I remember it as a lesson. This allows me to do something better tomorrow as well. Because I am working to improve myself today, I am more prepared for the future. Continual improvement is a way of life for me and I enjoy it with an open heart.

Because I see the benefits of self-improvement, I keep working hard toward my goals. Getting where I want to be is worth the hardship and effort. It is good for me and everyone else in my life. Every day, I get a little bit better.

As I plan my day, knowing that I am getting better at everything I do brings me confidence. I am strengthening my personal relationships, pursuing my educational goals, and excelling at my work. Because I am improving, I know I can meet my goals.

Today, I plan to improve one aspect of my life even more than I improved it yesterday.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do today to make myself better than I was yesterday?
  2. What areas do I need improvement in?
  3. How can I improve myself without losing who I am?

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