Expect the Unexpected Today

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Wouldn’t life be more interesting and exciting if you knew you would receive an amazing unexpected gift each day.  This week I’m exploring the power of universal energies and the effect of setting an intention while having a positive mindset to see what I can create in my own life. Without getting too complicated for those who are new to this concept. Our thought patterns and the emotions we feel help create the experiences of tomorrow.

Universal energies is also called law of attraction concept which means “like attracts like” and by focusing on positive thoughts – you can bring positive results into your life. This belief is bases on the principal that you and your thoughts are made of “energy” and this energy attracts like energy. When you set an intention it becomes hard not to focus on it. For example, I don’t want you to think about a GREEN frog while you are reading my article. Seriously stop thinking about the GREEN frog and keep reading.

When you change your perception and set an intention so that you can see the results of the vast universal energies of possibilities. You will start focusing more on what you want in your life and less on what you don’t want.

It’s important to be on the lookout for opportunities in your life and try to maintain a positive attitude. You really do have the power to create the changes you want in your life. Once you start following this new belief system, it really is hard to look at life the same way and go back to your old way of thinking.

I also spend some time each day to give thanks for the miracles that I have in my life and the miracles that will arrive each day. By being grateful for the things in your life, you elevate your own energy and creating an energetic magnet to bring more positive experiences for you to be grateful for.

As I have said in previous blog articles, its not about setting an intention to create a $500,000 red sports car but something you feel is attainable in a specific time frame. Its about setting an intention that really means something to you and that you believe you can attain.

Tomorrow morning I want you to set the intention that you will have an extraordinary day and that you intend to receive an unexpected gift within 48 hours.  You may receive something small like a compliment from an unexpected person or maybe someone offers to buy you lunch. The point is to intend that you will receive a gift and keep an open mind.  I would love to hear from you once you receive your unexpected gift and if you see that GREEN frog sometime this week.  It could be a picture, a decal or sticker on a car, on your computer screen or a real frog in your garden.  At some point soon, you will see that GREEN frog and when you do be sure to send me a little note. Now be honest, how many of you stopped thinking about the colour of that frog while you read the rest of this article.

I’m really enjoying these experiments with universal energies and all you need is an open mind and have some fun. I hope you’ll also have some fun with your own experiments.

Today’s Affirmation:  I embrace the element of surprise and expect something great to happen. I remind myself to appreciate each day I have to the fullest.

Tonight at 7:00pm is Empower Your Spirit Night. In this powerful women’s group you learn how to tap into your own source for guidance and healing in your life.  We will be discussing past lives, past life regressions and how this effects our current life. Hope to see you there tonight.

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