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Once upon a time,

There was a baby bird.

She sang ever so sweetly in her cozy nest,

While her mom watched over her,

And her father went in search of food.

Her parents gave her everything,

She felt so safe.

One day,

She decided to peer over the edge of the nest,

She saw a long tree trunk,

Multitudes of branches and leaves,

Sky so endless, it blended into everything else.

She heard sounds unfamiliar to her,

Nothing like what her parents calls were.

What she saw terrified her.

She resolved never to leave her nest,

Under any circumstance.


The baby bird continued to grow,

Her wings became bigger and strong,

They stretched out ever so beautifully.

She saw other birds of her age hovering around,

Some called out to her,

Encouraging her to join in their flight,

But she refused.

‘I like my nest fine thank you,’ she thought.

Her parents grew concerned,

A grown bird must leave the nest one day.

But our baby doesn’t want to leave……

They watched over her,

As she nestled in ever so tightly,

Squished in an ever shrinking nest.


One day,

Her mother couldn’t do any more to repair it.

The nest that the baby called her precious, safe place,

Began to crumble.

First bits of it fell to the earth below,

Then small chunks.


As the baby bird, now fully grown,

Tried to hang onto what was left,

She heard a SNAP!!

The entire nest broke apart,

And fell to the earth below.

She was beside herself with fear……..

Clinging onto the branch that once held the home she felt so safe in.

“It’s time to go Child,” she heard her parents say, “you must find your own way.”

With that, her parents took flight.

She watched as they left, turning around and hovering as they looked at her.

She stood frozen in place.

It was almost as if she had forgotten how to fly.

Suddenly, a huge gust of wind blew through the tree,

Shaking the branch she stood on,

It shook violently, lurching her back and forth.

She had no choice but to,

Let go.

Flapping her wings furiously, she tried to regain her stance on the branch,

But her weight was too much for the branch to bear……

It split where she stood.

Flapping her wings furiously once more,

She took off into the night’s sky,

Relying on fear instead of sight,

She nearly crashed into the evergreens ahead.

Finding one branch to perch herself on,

Feeling the sting of the needles in her feathers,

She jumped up at once.

‘This isn’t like home,’ she thought, sadly.

She kept going,

Only stopping once to find some worms,

She kept going,

Flapping her wings furiously,

Fear was the only guidance she could hear.


He was resting underneath a tree,

When the bird appeared,

Flustered, scared & alone.

He became curious at the sight of this grand bird,

Flapping around, appearing ever so confused.

While putting His arm out, He called to her,

“Sweet bird! Stop struggling, come and land here for a moment,” He said.

Hearing the voice, so close to the sweet calls of her parents,

She peered down at Him,

Weary of trusting Him, but feeling ever so desperate for some comfort,

She flew towards Him and landed on His arm.

He smiled at her and spoke,

“My sweet bird, why are you flapping your wings in all directions?” He asked, “if you are trying to get somewhere, it may take you longer in this manner.”

“I’m lost,” the bird answered, “I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing. I’m just flying. That’s all I know right now.”

“You’re not flying sweet precious bird,” He answered, “if you were, you would trust in the strength of your wings and in the power of the Wind to guide you to your destination. All you are doing dear one is flapping your wings.”

“I’m so scared to fall,” she said, “if I stop flapping my wings, I will fall, and there’s no one to catch me.”

“That’s not true,” He said, “it’s in the falling that you’ll finally fly. Let your wings glide gently on the Wind; let me carry you to your destination.”

“I’m too scared,” she said, “I’m too scared to let go; I want my nest back. I want to feel safe again.”

“Sweet bird, your nest has served it’s purpose in your life,” He said, “it was meant to keep you safe until the day when you didn’t need it anymore. You, my beautiful bird, are capable of taking care of yourself.”

The bird pondered this,

She remembered how she grew too big for it,

And how it finally broke apart.

It was the sign that she needed to understand,

That it was the time for her to take flight.

But her fear of living without her nest kept her from truly flying,

Kept her from tasting the freedom that she was.

As this realization dawned on her, she gazed over at her wings once more.

The bird then looked over at Him and spoke,

“So, I can really do this on my own?” she asked.

He smiled, “You were born for this,” He said, “and if You’ll allow me to bear witness, I shall carry you forward.”

The bird bowed her head before Him, and with a strong push,

She propelled herself off of His arm and into the sky,

Flapping her wings, no more to and fro,

But with a confidence and precision she had never experienced before.


Once further up in the sky,

She closed her eyes and stopped flapping her wings.

Fear entered her at once,

Yet, as she let go,

And allowed the Wind to take over,

She felt a peace she had never experienced before.

In that instant,

Her fear was gone.

She allowed herself to glide on the strength of the Wind.

She looked down and took in all of the sights,

Sights and beauty she once ignored.

It surrounded her,

All around her,


As promised,

The Wind carried her to a beautiful tree.

She found a strong tree branch,

And began building a nest of her own.

Once finished,

She nestled herself in,

And began singing sweetly as she once did.


Under that same tree,

He stood,

Eyes closed,

Taking in the bird’s sweet song,

Of freedom.


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