Illusion, Intuition and the Truth

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Rediscover your true self by listening to your inner voice. Shed the illusion of your ego and follow your truth. ~ Joceline Le

Everyone is blessed with the power of intuition. How you go about expanding your intuitive power depends on several factors. When we plant a seed and give it the right conditions to grow, that seed will eventually blossom into a flower. It’s the same for your intuition. You fine tune your intuition by learning how to listen and connect with that inner voice that guides you each day.

Life-changing decisions can be intimidating and stressful. You spend days and even weeks trying to decide between all the options in front of you. All you want to do is make the right choice, but you hesitate. Your gut instinct tells you to go one way, but your logical mind is pulling you in the other direction. Don’t worry— it happens to everyone.

Here’s how you know if your intuition is guiding you in the right direction:

  1. The idea is constantly on your mind. Your intuition pushes you to constantly think about the impact of a decision. It’s difficult to get the thoughts off your mind when deep down you know the right thing to do. Avoid underestimating the power of your intuition!
  2. The idea ignites positive feelings and thoughts. Your idea makes you feel excited, happy, and light. Your intuition doesn’t communicate using fearful energy or through messages that leave you feeling doubtful.  When that happens, it’s your ego speaking to you, not your intuition.
  3. Intuition triggers a physical response through your five senses.  Our intuition will speak to us through our senses, such as feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling or tasting. Intuition will also sometimes visit us in our dreams or through meditation. For example, it will guide us about whether to attend an upcoming event or make other arrangements. Some people feel an intuitive gut reaction to stay home when they think about going out. You could also have a repetitive thought, that keeps telling you to stay home.
  4. You feel sad or a pit in your stomach when you go against your intuition. You usually feel relieved when you choose the option your intuition tells you to take. You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. If you still feel heavy after the decision, it means you’ve probably made an unfavorable choice. It’s possible to feel sad after a tough decision if there is a negative impact on others. But that sadness should go away if you’ve made a decision that’s truly right for you.

Start to notice when your intuition is speaking to you in one of these ways. Once you develop a system for understanding your intuitive cues, it’ll likely become easier for you to make important decisions with confidence.

Remember, fear and doubt are never the truth. Your intuition is 100% the truth every time. The illusion is your ego trying to rationalize your intuitive guidance system. Your mind will always be looking for a rational reason to discredit the information your intuition is giving you. It will want you to over analyze by thinking should I or shouldn’t I?, maybe, but…,or what if?

Embrace the opportunity to learn more about yourself through your intuition. Begin to trust the amazing power you have inside you and allow it to guide you through life.

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