Is your energy feeling sluggish today?

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A discussion about stuck emotional energy and how to release it wouldn’t be complete without also covering your chakra system. So if you energy is feeling sluggish today you will want to continue reading this article.

What are chakras and why are they important?

We each have 7 energetic centres called chakras that are located in specific spots down the midline of your body. Your energy flows through each of these chakras from your pelvic area to the top of your head. If you could see them with your eyes, chakras would appear as spiral circular balls of energy each represented by a specific colour. Each chakra relates to a particular emotional function and stores our past experiences, beliefs, and emotions related to those issues.

Your chakras can be overactive, underactive, balanced, or blocked—and each state will affect how you feel in some way.

Every positive and negative life experience has an effect on your energetic system. When you fail to resolve or process negative experiences, you’ll likely end up with blocks in one or more of your chakras.Were you teased in high school? Did you have a difficult relationship with one of your parents growing up? Did you suffer a traumatic experience?  If so, you might have negative energy stuck in your second chakra— the sacral plexus (navel) chakra— which is your emotional centre.Have you ever had your heart broken after a difficult breakup or the loss of a loved one? These experiences are energetically held in your heart chakra. Blocks in this area can have a huge impact on the quality of your life because your heart isn’t as open as it could be to receiving love and joy.When your emotions are out of balance these centres become blocked, which can lead to illness, aches or pains in your body, a general feeling of sluggishness, and not feeling like yourself.

How can you balance your chakras?

Crown/Head chakra — Meditation is a great tool not only for creating inner peace, but for balancing your chakras. It allows you the time and spacechakra to focus on each chakra with the intention of releasing any stagnant energy.

You can visualize each chakra and its corresponding colour while setting the intention. This method is great for all of your chakras, but specifically for your crown/head chakra (which is violet in colour).

Third Eye chakra — Work on clearing the clutter in your life. Start trusting and developing your intuition. Keep a dream journal to track your nightly dreams. Guidance often comes to us in the form of dreams that help us make decisions in our life.

Throat chakra — Be your own positive self-advocate. Don’t keep things bottled up inside; speak the truth from your heart.

Heart chakra — Use affirmations to shift energy from negative to positive. Say, “I AM love and I surround myself with loving experiences.”

Solar Plexus chakra — Do an honest assessment of your diet. Are you eating a balanced diet made up of primarily healthy foods?

Sacral Plexus chakra — Find ways to overcome emotional hurdles and release those emotions as suggested in the previous blog post. 

Root chakra — Dance, try yoga, or go for a walk. Move your body with physical activity to ground your energy.

If you need outside help, consider these powerful yet practical holistic options:

Reiki – A Reiki healing session can be focused on balancing each chakra or specific ones that need the most attention.

Aromatherapy — Aromatherapy uses essential oils and natural ingredients that have an almost instant calming and balancing effect on the chakras.

Crystal Therapy — Crystals—which are related to each chakra by color—can be used during Reiki or meditation to amplify healing energy.

Intuitive Life Coaching – Working with an intuitive life coach can help you make healthy changes in your life, become your own self-care advocate, and elevate your energy, thus correcting imbalances within certain chakras.

Do you have questions about the chakra system or how to balance yours?  Do you need help applying some of these tips in your own life?

Email me with your questions. Reach out for help. I am here to assist you on your healing journey.  To help you get started, I have a Chakra Awareness Guide for those who are interested. This handy reference offers a helpful overview of each chakra’s location, colour and qualities. Please email me at to receive your guide or comment below.

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