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The way you were raised and the experiences you have gone through shape and create the person you are today.  As we grow older, we learn that a world of imagination, make believe and magic is not realistic.  A world where everything was possible no longer exists.  Why does this happen?   The answer is closer then we think and found within all of us.  It’s time to take control of your life.  Let go of all the excuses and learn to love and forgive yourself.  We’re inherently our harshest critics and most of the time our worst enemy.

Ask yourself this one question, “Am I living my life the way I want” or “Am I just mirroring the lives of others around me?”  If you are one of the lucky few who is reading this and is saying no this not me, then you still believe.

It’s inherent in all of us the need to want more.  We want more of everything including but not limited to money, love, and happiness.  The list can be endless depending on the reader.  We are always wanting without getting all that we want.

Learn how to access and unlock the hidden secrets inside you.

Here are a few tips:

  • You have the Power to change – anything in your life that’s causing you stress or making you unhappy. You have the power to change that situation and can create a new outcome. 
  • You are deserving of whatever you want – You need to open your heart and mind by believing that you deserve the best that life has to offer you. Change your perception of the situation and the situation will change.
  • Energy attracts like energy – Your car, house, and the material things around you is made of energy. When you learn how energy works and responds, you will open the door to understanding and learning how to harness the creative force in your life.  The way you see the world will change and you will learn to “believe” again.
  • Catch the Positive train – Be aware of the words you speak. Do you speak more in a positive or negative tone? Are you concerned with finances? Are you concerned with the toxic work environment?  Catch yourself before you say things like “I hate going to work because of the toxic people there” or “I don’t have enough money to travel this year”.  Affirm to yourself that you are a magnet for all that is good and your world is full of abundance.
  • Arrive at Imagination Island – spend a few minutes each day and visualize what you want your life to be like. How do you feel? Feel the energy that exudes from you.
  • Surrender the Outcome – Don’t worry about the how, when or what if. Just believe and feel that you will arrive at your destination. Believe in you and commit to yourself.

A really great tool to help you visualize your goals is to create a Vision Board.  This is where arts and crafts meet goals and desire.    Once you create a vision board, it is recommended that you spend a few minutes each day to reflect on your goals and how they make you feel.  This training will keep you on track.  It is recommended to create or refresh your Vision Board at the beginning of each calendar year.  Again, the only limit is how far your imagination will take you but you first have to believe.

P.S. I’m holding a Vision Board workshop on January 4th, 2015 in Kanata. If you are interested in knowing more follow this link or email me at

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