Pause and take a deep breath

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I have so many reasons to be grateful that I rarely focus my energy on the things I don’t have. Instead, I choose to look for things that add value and meaning to my life. If I feel stressed over something I need to do or didn’t do. I make a conscious choice to release myself from those thoughts that are beyond my control. It’s easy to get swept away in situations that can consume all of my time and energy. I take that moment to pause, take a deep breath and focus on my blessings. Then decide what’s important to me right now and redirect that energy to something more positive.

So, whenever you feel negativity starting to wrap around you, that’s the moment you want to remind yourself of all the great things you have in your life now and the things yet to come in your near future.  When your mind is anchored on positive thoughts you open the door to receive amazing gifts and opportunities.

Regardless of how bad or good yesterday was, today is a new day. Every morning, you receive the gift of a fresh start and a new opportunity to decide how are you going to live that day.

Remember, life happens one day at a time. Decide what healthy changes you are going to make today to improve your tomorrow and every day after that.

Take a few moments now and reflect on the following questions. If you want to share your answers or thoughts, hit reply. I love to hear from you.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the blessings that you have in your life?
  2. Do you waste time and energy thinking about things you can’t control?
  3. What small change can you make tomorrow to improve your life?

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