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The baby set off,

Crawling on all fours,

Exploring her new world,

Her beautiful eyes,

Wide open.


Exploring on all four limbs got boring,

Holding onto momma and dadda’s hands,

She stood on her two feet.

One step,

Then two steps,

Then three steps,

She noticed the stride of her legs,

And then watched in awe,

As her foot landed in front of her,

And then the other,

Looking up and around,

Her world,

Appeared completely different from this point of view.


As the girl grew into a young woman,

She set off, running.

At first, she focused on her own path and direction,

But soon,

She began to notice the others around her.

Some ran much faster than she did,

Others ran together in perfect harmony,

She noticed they all seemed to cross a line of sorts,

The line was red, with big letters written across which spelled,


There were many such lines,

That those around her were crossing.

One line,

After another.








The lines seemed endless.

The young woman tried to keep up,

Try as she might,

Others went ahead of her,


She kept on going.


Clawing her way,

To another line,

Sometimes it took months,

Other times, it took years,

At one point,

She had lost track of those that were with her,

She felt so far behind.

She encountered many road blocks,

Forcing her to find yet another way.

Some roads were treacherous,

And yet the woman,

Kept her focus on what she wanted,

So desperately,

The satisfaction of those lines,

And that word:



The woman grew tired,

At one point she stopped running.

It felt as though the lines were further and further ahead,

And that she may never reach them.

The woman sat down on the side,

And gave up.

Looking at the ground,

She tore a fist full of grass,

In frustration.

She saw others reach the lines with ease and joy,

Which made her angrier.

‘What am I doing wrong?’ she thought,

‘Why is this so hard?’

Sensing the woman’s frustration,

He came and sat down beside her.

“Beautiful day isn’t it?” He said,

“What?” she responded,

“Beautiful day isn’t it Child?” He asked again,

The woman looked up,

She hadn’t noticed that the sun was shining,

“Yes, I suppose,”

He closed His eyes,

“Doesn’t the sun’s rays feel nice on your skin?”

“If You don’t mind, I’m thinking about something else right now,” the woman responded,

He looked over at the woman,

“The finish lines?”

Her brows furrowed,

“How did you know?”

He smiled,

“I can tell; I mean, how else is it that you could have missed such a beautiful day?”

“So I’m focus on accomplishing some things, what does that matter?”

“Is that so?”


“Then why are you sitting here on the side pulling up grass?” He asked,

“I just got tired of running after what I want; its like, what I desire eludes me. No matter how fast I run, I can’t seem to get close. Everyone makes it look so easy and yet, it’s so difficult for me. No matter how fast I run, I can’t seem to keep up.”

“Such a shame,” He said shaking His head, “having to run through your life, instead of experiencing it,”

“I’m experiencing it,” she said, “I’m focused on achieving my goals. Once I get there, then I’ll be..”

“Happy?” He said,

“Exactly; I’ll finally feel whole, like I’ve arrived and I’ll finally belong.”

He closed His eyes,

“My Child I’m going to let you in on a little secret,”

“What’s that?” she asked,

Opening His eyes once more,

He looked directly at her,

“Life isn’t a race; I never created it to be so. I’m afraid if you continue on like this, you will end up missing everything.”

“I’m already missing EVERYTHING!” the young woman exclaimed, “I can’t seem to accomplish anything! So what’s the problem with continuing to strive for what you want? At least it gives me something to focus on, even if it’s frustrating.”

“No Child,” He said gently, “you don’t understand, you aren’t missing out on life because you haven’t crossed your finish lines of accomplishment, it’s the running through of your life that is making you miss the most important aspects of it.”

“I don’t get you,”

“Close your eyes Child,”

The woman, clearly annoyed, closed them grudgingly,

“Fine, they’re closed, what are you going to do now? Show me my future?”

He laughed,

“No sweetheart, I want you to remember something. Try and remember what it felt like when you first started to run; how did it feel?”

The woman thought on this for a few minutes,

“I remember the wind in my hair, the stride of my legs and how my feet felt when they hit the ground,”

“That Child! That is experience; that is presence; that Child, is how you feel life.”

Her eyes opened and she looked at Him once more, perplexed,

“The joy that you seek in crossing these finish lines of accomplishments are what’s keeping you stuck. If you could allow yourself to remember a time when the wonder of life and the world around you, filled you with a sense of curiosity and excitement, then you will realize what it feels like to experience joy. Accomplishments account for very little in life Child; the experience of life itself exists in this very moment.” He said.

The woman stood up,

Trying to remember her first steps,

She closed her eyes and reached out,

Hands reaching back to hold hers,

She smiled,

And took a step forward,

And then another one,

She opened her eyes once more,

And saw that He was holding her hands.

“Take it all in Child,” He said, “There is so much joy, peace, and freedom here. Stop running and learn to walk again.”

She smiled and nodded,

“Will you walk with me?”

“Always,” He said,

She looked down a deserted road,

With no lines to cross,

She started walking,

Taking in the sun’s rays,

Feeling the breeze in her hair,

And noticing high in the sky,

A beautiful rainbow.

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