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If you are searching for an alternative holistic approach to healing emotional or physical pain for yourself or someone you love.  Including your beloved animal(s).  Maybe, you even want to become a reiki practitioner who dreams of running your own holistic practice. Trust me, this experience is a life changing, exciting and a very rewarding journey.

We all have the ability to heal if we are willing to learn how to tap into the powerful energy that’s around us.  You will finally understand the subtle art of energy movement and transformation. That’s the wonderful magic of reiki that’s so beautiful to witness.  You will be able to safely facilitate the natural healing ability of the mind, body and spirit.  You will gain a deeper understanding of how energy works, how energy feels and how to heal emotional or physical pain.  You will develop your natural intuitive skills and expand your knowledge in the art of energy healing.  You will be amazed at your untapped potential and the natural ability to heal yourself and others that was always there. You will learn different tools and strategies to add to your “toolbelt” that you can apply in vase scenarios that arise in your life.  Learn how to send distant healing energy to people outside your city, home or across the meeting table in the office.  I’m sure you know who I mean. 🙂

One of the greatest benefits to learning Reiki is stress reduction, relaxation, and calming the mind which initiates the body’s natural  response to healing.  You’ll learn how to connect to the universal Reiki energies on a mental, physical, and emotional level. Reiki will clear and balance every important energy channel within the body. Learn how to clear old negative patterns, habits, childhood issues, pain, or deep soul level blocks that are affecting your daily life or someone you love.  

Each reiki attunement you receive, will allow you to open up to higher levels of healing, intuition and understanding of this powerful universal energy.  

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual and enlightening experience that’s not associated with any religion. Reiki will align with your own belief system and strengthen that connection with your higher self.  During an attunement the Reiki energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the Rei or higher-consciousness energy.

It’s very easy to learn Reiki and no special background or knowledge is required to get started.

Every Reiki class includes a combination of lecture, open forum discussion and hands on practical experience. You will be given the opportunity during class to practice what you’ve learned in your Reiki level.  Each class includes – tea, coffee, bottled or sparkling water, workbook, a special reiki gift and ongoing support after your training is completed. I find students have a lot of questions once their training is done and I offer that ongoing support as you develop skills.  You will receive a printed copy of your certificate at the end of each level. 

I also add on additional bonus lecture topics that I strongly feel should go with your reiki training. Such as developing your intuition, grounding your energy, shielding your energy, how to read energy, negative energy clearing and mindset training to change negative self-beliefs.  In my professional experience after working with students who have gone with other teachers including myself; important content was missing from the training which I have added.  I also offer spiritual guidance throughout your training to help you with your growth on this new learning journey.  I want to make sure you feel confident in your ability to apply the reiki knowledge that you have learned.  If you have a goal to become a reiki practitioner or opening your own practice, I will give you important guidance and tips to help you succeed. I only teach low ratio or private classes so that each student gets personalized individual attention. I focus on your goals, your needs and your unique learning style.

Invite a friend or family and receive a discount off  your first class.

We are all guided to the right place at the right time, so you feel like I am the teacher for you.  Send me a message at and I will get you scheduled into the next available class.  WooHoo, I’m so excited to join you on this exciting journey.

To learn more about the levels and an overview of the courses, please continue reading:

Reiki Level 1 – “First Degree Reiki”

4 Hour Intensive Course.

No prior knowledge is needed to start Level 1.  Just an open mind and heart to learning something new.

The focus of Level 1 is on self-healing and helping others. After the initiate completes the required training, they are able to practice Reiki and do self-healing. The First Degree is the foundation for all three degrees and deals with physical issues.  You will receive your first Reiki attunement.

At this level the student is permanently attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy. Once the reiki channels are open, it allows a person to perform healing on oneself and others. It requires no special invocation or alteration of the thinking process to “turn on the flow” of Reiki. By simply placing the hands and opening the heart to love, one automatically brings in the Reiki energy.

Contact Joceline by email to register & request course details.

Reiki Level 2 – “Second Degree Reiki”

4 Hour Intensive Course.

Prerequisite: *Participants must complete Reiki Level 1 prior to registering for the next Level.

At Level 2, the focus is on learning the Japanese healing symbols and sending Reiki from a distance (we must always get permission to send a distant healing).

The student is attuned again to better connect with the Reiki energies that can heal mental/emotional issues and can travel across any time, space or distance. You will practice sending distance healing to your friends, family, and even animals.  The power symbol taught can be used to help focus energy for a specific purpose.

Contact Joceline by email to register & request course details.

Reiki Level 3 – “Advanced Reiki Training”

4 Hour Intensive Course.

Prerequisite: *Participants must complete Reiki Level 2 prior to registering for the next Level.

Learn advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems, heal “illnesses” and achieve your goals. You will learn 9 new symbols at this level. The Usui Master attunement is used to increase the strength of your Reiki level 3 energy. The Usui Master symbol increases the effectiveness of the Reiki Level 3 symbols.  You will meet your reiki guide at this level and learn how to use reiki with advanced manifestation techniques.  We will go more in depth on how to create a crystal healing grid.

Contact Joceline by email to register & request course details.

Reiki Level 4 – “Master/Teacher Training”

6 Hour Intensive Course.

Prerequisite: *You must complete a level 3 reiki course or equivalent before registering for the Master Teacher Level.  If you completed previous levels with another instructor, we will review your training, knowledge & notes from any previous reiki training. The review session is to ensure you have been taught the same traditional Usui method of reiki before receiving your Master/Teacher certification. We will cover any content that you haven’t been taught prior to starting the Master Level.  This can be done on the same day as your scheduled master training.

The full Reiki energy and all healing symbols are unlocked when attuned to this level. At this level the student will be able to perform Reiki attunements to others and to teach their own classes. The master  and grounding symbol is introduced and practiced. We will explore the benefits of living a spirit-based life.  We will also review your business goals for opening your own holistic practice.

Contact Joceline by email to register & request course details.

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