Reiki Session with Joceline Le

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese form of complementary or alternative therapy.

A full Reiki session takes approximately 1 hour to address the complete body. Shorter sessions can be scheduled to target specific areas in the body that need work or to balance your energy system. Reiki should not be mistaken for a massage treatment.  Reiki is a light touch therapy that works with your energy system.  Reiki promotes overall health and wellbeing. It helps with pain management,  mental clarity, reduces anxiety, stress and tension.

What is an Integrated Reiki session?

Reiki HealingAn Integrated Reiki session is an amazing healing experience where I combine several healing modalities, including traditional Reiki, energy reading, magnified healing, essential oils and crystal therapy, into one treatment. You will experience deeper relaxation and intuitive guidance during and after the session.  It will balance your energy and remove any blocks that are causing you anxiety, stress, fatigue, emotional or physical pain. Integrated Reiki is a full mind, body and spiritual healing session.  You will see improvements in your overall health after your initial session.

Intuitive guidance will give you insight into your life through coaching and to help you focus on the positive changes needed in your life before moving forward. It will show you how your emotional blocks are affecting certain areas in your life and your physical health. You will learn how to work through these obstacles and to start recognizing the opportunities that are in your life.

What is an energy reading and what can it do for me?

An Energy Reading is when an intuitive has natural and trained ability to use their extra-sensory perception through clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairsentience (clear-feeling), clairaudience (clear-hearing) and claircognizance (clear-knowing) to relay information to you. During an energy reading, I will tell which areas in your body are experiencing blocks or if any of your chakra’s are not balanced. This is an energetic healing reading, about what you need to know in your present moment so you can move forward with greater ease and understanding. I will give you recommendations based on the reading to help improve your health and your life.

reiki treatmentMy Clients have reported feeling:

  • Less emotional, mental stress and anxiety.
  • Immediate pain relief or reduction in pain level.
  • A very deep relaxed and calming exerience.
  • More grounded, balanced and less mental fatigue.
  • Increased awareness of positive thoughts and mindset.
  • Rejuvenated, motivated and inspired.

Private Reiki Healing sessions can be conducted via Skype or in person. Reiki energy is not limited to time or space and can have the same results when delivered through distant reiki healing method.


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Personal Success Stories….

  • The Integrated Reiki session I had with Joceline was absolutely amazing! I found it very easy to book the appointment online and Joceline was very prompt to answer my questions I had sent by email. I was a little nervous arriving for my appointment but as soon as i met Joceline I felt at ease and completely comfortable. She took time to talk to me before the session and answer my questions  The Reiki session felt way different than when I had Reiki before. I enjoyed the music, the aromatherapy and I felt such a deep relaxation.  After the session, I felt so calm and relaxed, much clearer in my thinking and had a new feeling inside me. Joceline took the time to talk with me after and answer any questions I had.  I'm looking forward to my next session with Joceline and would highly recommend booking an Integrated Reiki session with her. Thank you very much Joceline.  I'm so happy that I found out about you!–JC, Ottawa ON

  • My experience with Joceline was my first Reiki experience and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. She made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to ask any questions I had prior to the treatment. The treatment itself was relaxing until I felt her “pull out” the grief I had been holding inside. This allowed me to let go on a deeper level, and later left me feeling calmer and more at peace. What I found most valuable however was our discussion after the treatment. Joceline really took the time to answer my questions, not only regarding Reiki, and my experience, but also larger spiritual questions I had. She is truly committed to helping and educating people. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they could benefit from healing!!–TG, Ottawa ON[/testimonial

  • Everybody has a story, Joceline and my story began at an event in Toronto in a line to the restroom. I have been dealing with chronic pain in my upper back for some time. I have sought out other healing modalities with only little successes. I had just finished reading a book about energy healing and how it is our future and then I met Joceline and knew she was the next step and somebody I wanted to work with. The treatment she provided was amazing and I had immediate relief, my energy level has only increased since the session. I believe Joceline has found her calling; she is well educated, has the experience and understanding and is incredibly gifted. I highly recommend Joceline and her services. Thank you so much Joceline! –Julie, Kempville ON