Reiki Session with Joceline Le

This may be that ONE thing you have been searching for online or maybe didn’t realize you needed.  Happy accident or purely coincidental?  That’s the beauty of energy when it guides you to the place you need.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese alternative holistic therapy technique that‘s known as energy healing.

I use a light touch technique that encourages emotional or physical healing.  It can help with pain management, mental fog, fatigue, grief, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, reduce tension or physical pain. It should not be mistaken for massage therapy but instead as a complementary treatment for any emotional, mental or physical pain discomfort.

You will lay on a table similar to a massage bed but on your back under a warm blanket while enjoying the soothing aroma of essential oils.  Each essential oil is specifically picked for you and provides amazing benefits to your mental emotional health.  It also helps to calm and soothe your mind during your healing session.  If you have scent sensitivity, I can work with you to ensure we pick the right oil or skip it all together.

You will experience a deep feeling of relaxation as I work through your energy system to clear the imbalances causing you discomfort. 

I combine my vast training in several energy healing methods, essential oils and crystal therapy, into one powerful treatment. I will balance your entire energetic system that fuels your mind and body back into a healthy alignment.

If you don’t address your emotional or physical pain, it can then translate into an illness or long term health discomfort.  I have worked with clients who have undiagnosed health issues or undiagnosed fertility issues.  Meaning, the medical system is unable to pinpoint a cause for the “illness or fertility issue”.  In my experience, some of these situations are a result of unresolved past experiences or an emotional energetic imbalance in the body.  Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment but a complementary therapy.  I work with your treatment plan that was advised by your medical professionals or psychological team. I’m a firm believer in combining both a traditional and a holistic approach to your health care plan. It worked for my own emotional childhood trauma, health diagnosis with auto-immune kidney disease and fertility struggles. That’s why I believe it will work for you too.

When you work with me, I not only address the physical body but also the mind.  Sometimes, we are unaware of past experiences that had a tremendous effect on us which then gets implanted into the energy system. We also absorb energy as we move through our daily lives through an empath energy transfer. These examples create imbalances and health issues by creating discomforts that are affecting your daily life. I.e. – extreme fatigue that will not go away, insomnia, panic or anxiety attacks, or that back\leg\neck pain that’s affecting your mobility.

I have mastered a healing technique through my own healing journey and professional experience that will finally get you the results that you want. 

I also provide Intuitive guidance after your healing session that will give you insight into the things that are affecting you on a deeper level.  I will give you positive guidance, clarity and tools to help you improve your overall health and daily life.  You will learn how to work through these health challenges and start recognizing the opportunities that are in your life. You will learn that a healthy mindset is a powerful tool that can change your life dramatically and provide a powerful long lasting healing effect.

This is not your average reiki energy healing session but an overall life changing experience. I am here to help guide you and support you through this experience.  My goal is to ensure you leave with an impactful experience and useful life strategy tools that you can apply at home. I provide you with support after each session, so you understand how to apply these new life strategies at home.  Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed  with new information or have questions after a session. That’s why I offer this type of support so you can leave feeling completely stress free.  My clients can email or text me anytime after a session with their questions and I usually respond immediately or within 24 hours.

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Does this sound absolutely amazing but you’re not located in the Ottawa\Kanata area.  Don’t worry, you can book a distant Reiki healing session that can be scheduled via ZOOM with or without the camera on for your personal privacy preference. Reiki energy is not limited to time or location and can have the same amazing results when delivered through this method of energy healing.  All you need is an open mind and a willingness to experience something new.

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