The Great Bean Experiment

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Let’s go back to elementary school for a moment. Remember when we were all very proud to bring home that bean we planted at school? How excited we got when we saw the first shoot emerge? How it got bigger and bigger and bigger…until it was ready to take home and show our parents what we accomplished?

If you haven’t tried this experiment in school, well guess what: I am going to ask you to do it today. No, you are not too old for this little exercise, and you will see how powerful it can be. Give it a try!


  • Paper towels or newspaper
  • 2 clear cups – one for the paper towel bean experiment and one for the flooded bean experiment
  • 1 bag of pinto beans
  • ½ tsp measuring spoon
  • ¼ cup measuring cup
  • Set Up Paper Towel Bean Experiment
  • Fold the paper towel to fit into the cup and place it inside. Place one bean inside the paper towel.
  • Water Your Bean
  • Place the clear cup in a sunny place, not in direct sunlight.
  • Water the bean for one week. The paper towel should always be moist/damp, not too wet.

Set Up Flooded Beans Experiment

  1. Fill the clear cup with enough water to fully submerge beans and label it “Flood”.
  2. Drop four beans into the cup and set aside.

What did you learn from this experiment?  If you stay focused and take your time to grow and nurture the bean, you will see results. If you try to rush the process the beans won’t flourish, they’ll deteriorate.

If you compare this experiment with the goal you want to achieve this year, what do you think is better in the long run? Taking the fast route to achieve this goal or having a plan and nurturing it along the way?

This experiment will give you a powerful visual of your own life.  It will show you the steps you need to grow a seed into a healthy plant. The same applies to your goals. If you want to make a change in your life, you need to take a proactive step towards making that change.

Whether your goal is to have a child, start a new career, make a transition in your life, or heal from emotional pain, the first step is always planting that seed, that new thought. Then you must stay focused, plan, take action, and nurture both yourself and your metaphorical seed. That seed will flourish into something beautiful, bringing your dream world into reality.

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