The Impact of Stuck Emotional Energy

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Imagine that you’re having a heated disagreement with a difficult co-worker. Hurtful words are being thrown at you and things are said in a condescending tone. How do you react?

Maybe in an attempt to calm down inside you prevent yourself from saying how you really feel. As you say nothing you feel your throat tighten up. As you walk away, your muscles are tense and you feel frustrated. Though the event itself is over, you are still feeling its effects.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with stressful and emotional experiences. There are the quiet types who keep everything bottled inside. Then there are the reactors who spurt out their thoughts without thinking of the consequences of their words. There are also the screamers, those who run around the house shouting and slamming things to try to release how they are feeling. No matter which type you fall under, it’s important that you release your emotional energy in a healthy way.

Stuck emotional energy can negatively affect you in many ways. I used to be the quiet type where I’d keep everything inside instead of expressing how I felt. Over time, bottling things up took a toll on my energy and my health.

So what exactly is stuck emotional energy? What does it feel like? How can you tell if you’re affected by it?

What is stuck emotional energy?

Every emotion you feel is made up of energy. “Positive” emotions like love and gratitude have a high vibration, while “negative” emotions like fear and anger have a low vibration. (I put quotes around “positive” and “negative” because emotions aren’t inherently good or bad. We just label them that way.)

“Negative” emotions can weaken your body, while “positive” emotions will strengthen your body. How does your energy and body feel when you are sad? Now think about how you feel when you’re excited about something. See the difference?

Low vibration emotions usually aren’t pleasant, and they leave you feeling low, heavy, and burdened. Sometimes, instead of fully feeling these emotions and letting them go, we hold on to them. They become stuck in our energy system.

We can carry around stuck emotional energy from past events, relationship conflicts, or traumas. These emotional experiences create energetic blocks that can then interrupt your health system.

What stuck emotional energy does to you?

Stuck emotional energy can disturb your overall health and well-being. Energy that’s stuck or blocked can be felt in your body—as a pressure point, muscle tightness, or a feeling of heaviness. Unresolved emotions can cause illness and eventually disease. You may also feel a surge of emotions that seems to come out of nowhere. This is your body’s attempt at releasing stored emotional energy.

We experience physical symptoms when we don’t deal with our emotions or acknowledge how we are feeling. You might notice your back, neck or shoulders are stiff and in pain. You might notice that your energy level has decreased or you have an unexplained illness that won’t go away.

These physical ailments create energetic roadblocks which affect your ability to achieve certain goals. For example, it will be difficult to feel more love or peace in your life if you are emotionally stuck in a cycle of anger and frustration over your current situation.

The top 5 emotions most likely to become stuck include:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety/Worry
  3. Shame (stemming from Negative Self-Talk)
  4. Overwhelm
  5. Fear (often appearing as Anger or Sadness)

Think about your own life and how you feel in general. Which of these emotions do you carry around day after day?

When we carry all of this stuck emotional energy, we are lugging around a huge weight that keeps up from accomplishing all we desire while feeling our absolute best. This emotional burden can only be lifted once we make a conscious choice to release it.

In next week’s article, I’ll be discussing 5 ways to release your stuck emotional energy. It can be done…and it is so worth it! Stay tuned.

For now, leave a comment and let me know how you think stuck emotional energy is affecting your life and what it would mean to let it go. I would love to hear from you.

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