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I always joke around with those who either have worked with me or know me that I am a skeptic intuitive. I need to see tangible proof that something actually works before I’ll believe in it. It sounds really funny because most intuitives deal with skeptics—but how many intuitives admit they are one themselves?

A few years ago, I was guided into what some people call a new age store filled with angel cards, incense and healing crystals. At the time, I was unfamiliar with crystals and skeptical of what they could do for me, if anything. I remember asking How do you pick a crystal?, and Do they really have their own healing energy? Thus began my crystal exploration.

What are healing crystals?

Crystals are solids that form by a regular repeated pattern of atom, molecules or ions connecting together until it forms its unique identifiable geometric shape.

Crystals are made from and carry the powerful energy of the earth. Some people (myself included) believe that crystals have healing powers and can be used as an alternative holistic healing technique.

Some of the crystals I’ve collected over the years include:

Amethyst – This purple crystal is part of the quartz family and is widely used in making jewelry. It is considered a calming stone, and is one of the main stones I use with my own children. They each have one beside their bed for sleeping.

Rose Quartz – This is a pink coloured stone that is associated with love and healing the heart chakra.

Shungite – This black crystal almost looks like a piece of coal. This stone is considered to be a magical stone that has amazing healing properties and can help you manifest your goals.

Blue Agate – This is one of my favourites, and I could instantly feel its energy when I brought it into my healing office. This crystal helps to balance your yin/yang energy and removes the negativity in a room.

Ruby Corundum – The stone of love, this crystal is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe. It will aid in recharging your energy and balancing the body. It will enhance your motivation and encourage you to set practical goals. Corundum is a very hard, tough, and stable mineral. For all practical purposes, it is the hardest mineral after diamond, making it the second hardest mineral.

Lapis Lazuli – I use this stone when I am out at public events to help shield my energy and prevent myself from absorbing the energies of other people. It’s a great stone for using on your third eye during meditation to help open your intuition.

I could write all day about the crystals that I use personally and with my clients. Each crystal has a unique structure that can be used for different healing purposes. It’s important to find the one that is right for you and use the ones you are guided to.

Why you should use crystals

Crystal therapy is a powerful yet gentle holistic healing modality that can harmonize the mind, body and spirit. Each crystal contains a specific vibrational energy that aids us in healing and balancing our own energy.

Over the years I have discovered that crystals really do have healing properties. I have used crystals under my son’s crib to help him sleep. I have used crystals to heal physical pain and illnesses. I use crystals in my Reiki sessions to help balance my clients’ chakras and clear energetic blocks. Crystals assist in many ways if you find the right one that fits you and your needs.

With so many crystals to pick from, how do you know which one you need?

I was told the best way to pick a crystal is to follow your intuition or your gut. The crystals will speak to you…they’ll draw you to them based on the energy you’re putting off at the time.

That day I entered the new age shop, I grabbed a few random crystals that captured my attention (remember, I knew nothing about them at the time) and took them home with me. I remember putting one of them—lapis lazuli—on my third eye during a meditation and having this intense feeling of vibration pulse through that chakra.

Where can you buy crystals?

Local new age stores in your city that sell books, incense, and gemstone jewelry will often also sell crystals. Some people like to buy them online from other collectors or eBay.  I personally haven’t done that, but it’s an option if you don’t have any local options.

I absolutely love going to gem shows, which are held usually once per year. My favorite so far has been in Brancroft ON, the crystal capital of Canada.  At these shows you can learn more about how crystals are formed and even sign up for a crystal mining excursion. I would suggest going on google to search gem show and the name of your city to see if any will be visiting your area.

I also sell some of the crystals listed above that I personally use. I like to search for rare crystals that have powerful healing properties. The price range varies for some crystals depending on the size and quality.  You can expect to invest as low as $1 for very small crystals to upwards of $100 for large raw stones at the gem shows or online.

Some crystals are polished, tumbled, or raw form.  I have both tumbled and polished crystals in my collection. But I prefer crystals that come in raw form because they have a higher vibration and stronger healing properties.

Give these powerful healing tools a try and see what happens

Crystals can be fun and offer a magical experience, even if you’re a skeptic like me. You might surprise yourself with the power these little stones have during meditation, sleep, or for helping to balance your energies.

Once you own your own crystals, you’ll want to keep them in top shape. To do so requires cleansing them on occasion.

If you are interested in learning more about crystals, email me at I will happily answer your questions and send you the Guide to Cleansing Your Crystals.

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