What is a PUSH goal?

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You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win. Zig Ziglar

We have talked about how to write effective goals and the benefits of having goals. This week I’m sharing one of the most important secret to goal setting and planning.

The #1 secret to goal planning is to have a push goal.  

What is a push goal?

On your top ten list there should be at least one goal that will cause a ripple (push) affect. If you were to attain that one goal on the list, the other goals will also be achieved.

I want you to make a list of your top ten goals you want to achieve in 2015. Making sure the goals you set are measurable and realistic.  If you set a very challenging goal you will be creating an energetic resistance pull from that goal. For example, I’m going to increase my disposable income to $500,000 and drive away in a 2015 red Ferrari Spider by March 2015.

This is a great goal but if your mind is constantly challenging the how, when is this going to happen or will it happen.  This is when you will experience the polar opposite of a push goal. There are ways to increase your abundance if that is your goal, but I always recommend to start with something smaller. Once you see that your goal setting is effective, it makes the bigger and more challenging goals easier.

You might think that this process is becoming too technical or time consuming.  If so, ask yourself this question, “Am I worth the time and effort”.  If the answer is yes, please continue reading.

Now review your list and see if there is one goal on there that would cause a ripple effect.

Most people have good intentions when they set their yearly goals or new years resolutions. They make a checklist of things that they want to accomplish.  Maybe you want to learn something new, get fit, and start running, finish a book or travel. The problem with using a checklist type of system to keep track of your status is that we may lose our motivation in a month or a few months.

Eventually the goal we set may be forgotten or abandoned or we make some excuses or move onto the next thing on our wish list.  Ultimately at the end of the year, we reflect back and see that some of those goals fell flat.

There is a higher chance that you won’t achieve all the goals on that list if you adopt this type of system, unless you understand what your PUSH goal is for next year.

Do you want to learn how to plan your goals for 2015 and understand what your push goal is? Comment below your thoughts and top ten list. I will send you some feedback regarding your push goal.

There is more……….

If you want to get the most out of planning and setting the right goals in 2015, then let’s do it together.  I will be hosting a Vision Board workshop in the New Year.  Click here for more details and select your date.

My goals don’t define me, they only enhance my life.  I will turn my wishes into reality.  I cannot change what was, but I am the creator of what will be.

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